#10 It Happened In My House!

He sat their in my favourite armchair, his eyes flitting back and forth across the pages of the book he was reading. No matter that it was my favourite, I would do anything for the social standing of being associated with him. So much scandal and rumour was centred around this man, in my favourite armchair; the brilliant Byron.

He had been sitting there, in my armchair for two hours without saying a word, other than the occasional request for more tea. Suddenly, he snapped the book shut and relaxed back in the chair, holding out the book for me to take.

“If I could always read,” he said. “I would never be without company.”

“You said that in one of your columns.”

“Yes, yes, I did. Good line don’t you think? May I borrow that servant there?” he said, pointing to the porter. Before I even nodded he had walked over to the boy and whispered in his ear. The boy paled and looked at me for affirmation. I sighed and waved him away.

“Just clean up afterwards,” I shouted after them.

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