#13 Pain

It haunts me even now. The van is dark, and I am all too aware of my miniskirt riding up my legs and the straps of my tank falling down my shoulders.

“Come on, dahlen,” a voice rasps from the blackness. “Come sit on daddy’s lap.”

I feel a hand on my thigh and whimper softly. The hand then travels down my leg to my ankle, before pulling my whole body towards the voice. I keep him away, but feel myself being lifted and pulled onto this man. He sniffs my hair behind me and a tear falls down my face.

“Don’t worry,” he panted, as I feel him pushing in his trousers beneath me. “I’ll take good care of you.”

Next I’m on the floor of the moving van on my hands and knees. He is inside me, thrusting brutally so that I can hear every smack of our colliding bodies. I am close to choking on my tears now.

It’s over in minutes and he lets out a reverberating cry, before pushing me onto the floor. I don’t even feel like pulling up my panties.

“I get the next go,” whispered another voice into my ear.

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