#14 Reflection

The next few hours were the longest hours of my life. There were four men and they all wanted me in different ways. But finally the van stopped and they clambered out of the van, the light temporarily blinding me before they closed the doors and left me in the dark. Without looking, I knew my makeup had run all down my face. My skirt had been pushed up like a belt over my waist but apart from that I was naked. My panties had been taken by one of them as a ‘memento’. I was so sore, I didn’t think I’d be able to go to the toilet ever again.

By the time the fourth man had come from the driver’s seat at the services, I was past resistance. I had just taken it, and done what he said. When he told me to suck his dick, I did. When he told me to suck someone else’s while he fucked me in the arse I did.

I had spent all my emotions.

Now my back laid against the metal wall and I felt the stressful kinks in my back straighten out as I pulled a blanket over me, and closed my eyes, hoping it would be the last time.

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