An Offering

Abraham was startled from his sleep by a noise. No…a voice.

“Abraham.” A voice boomed. He looked around the room but saw no one. His wife had not stirred. He wondered if he had dreamed it. Resting his head again, Abraham closed his eyes.

“Abraham.” the voice repeated. “I have a task for you.”

Fear gripped him. He wasn’t imagining this. The voice was real and was addressing him. He composed himself enough to respond. “Yes, Lord?”

“I require a sacrifice, Abraham.” the voice continued. "Sacrifice your eldest son, Isaac, tomorrow. Only if you do this may you lead My People against the tyranny of man.

Abraham swallowed hard. Lowering his head, he breathed quietly. “Yes, Lord.”

At Dawn, Abraham and Isaac left the house, fishing gear in hand, and climbed into the red Bronco. They turned onto Highway 55 and drove south toward Lake Cascade, as they had many Saturdays before. Isaac held his had out the window, changing its angle to the wind.

He didn’t know his Dad was planning to murder him.

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