We Feel Like Chips!

“We feel like CHIPS! Right, guys?” a small colony of tastebuds on the salty right of my tongue said.
“CHIPS!” roared the left side. I began to salivate and crave something salty. I stood at the pantry and spied the bag of Ruffles.

“Uh-oh, she’s not going for it!” screamed a colony of Bitters, the first to receive warning from the brain. “She thinks it’ll make her fat!”

“We have to convince her to balance it with something healthier! What goes with chips?”
“Sandwich!” screamed the tangy tastebuds who missed the mayonaise.
“Send sandwich signals! Fast!” screamed Salty. “She’ll equate it with Subway!”

“Fizzy Drinks!” chanted Sweet.
“Chips!” screamed Salty.
“Mayonaise!” cheered Tangy.
“Cheese!” clamored Bitter.

I grabbed the ingredients to make myself a sandwich and chips, topping it off with a soda. It wasn’t any worse than Subway, cheaper too, I mused.

“Hooray!” cheered my tongue as I took my first bites.

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