A Little Bit Later Part 3

“I am hesitant to mark such smooth skin but at the same time, a bit of decoration may improve your already lovely appearance.”

He began to run the tip of the cane over Samantha’s body, tracing the curve of her hip, the length of her spine, tapping gently on the tip of each breast before moving to her center.

Samantha smiled at Mac but said nothing.

Mac placed the tip of the cane on Samantha’s full lower lip.

Looking up at Mac, she ran her tongue slowly over the surface, clearly savoring the experience.

Mac began to breathe a bit faster.

“You are teasing me my dear.”

He grinned as he tossed the cane to the floor and began to remove his clothing.

Samantha licked her lips in anticipation.

She could still taste her own flavors on her tongue.

She looked forward to tasting his.

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