Deus Ex Machina

What had he done?
Why did he do this?
What was he thinking?
John had spent years of his life building the time machine. He wanted to explore all of history. He wanted to see the dinosaurs, well now that’s all he would see. He opened a time portal to the jurassic era but forgot to take the remote control, now he would be trapped forever in the past.
How would he survive? He didn’t like going camping for the weekend. Now he would be forced to spend the rest of his life living with the dinosaurs, millions of years before the invention of…….. anything. He looked around his new homeland. It was a dense jungle, and then, in the distance he heard a mighty roar. He didn’t know much about paleontology, but he knew whatever just roared was big, and probably hungry. He tried to remember anything he had ever seen or heard about survival in the wild, but for the first time in his life his mind went blank, he had no idea what to do.
Then, as he was walking along he tripped over a time machine and used it to get home.

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