Day 16: Riding the Bus with my Sister by Rachel Simon

January 16th

I thought it was appropriate to read this book on the bus. However when forming this plan I didn’t take into account how much I hated the bus. As soon as the driver opened the doors and gave me a toothless grin I knew that this was a mistake.

I quickly found a seat alone, avoiding contact with everyone, hoping they would leave me alone.

The book was a memoir about Rachel’s mentally retarded sister who rode the bus every day. Rachel’s father dies and this causes her to have to take care of his sister thus riding with her. She describes nice bus drivers and happy people. I looked around the bus I happened to be riding. Her sister definitely wasn’t on this one.

I felt someone sit down next to me reeking of pot. What had I gotten myself into?

“Hey what’s your name,” I heard someone slur inches away from my face. Tears started to form in my eyes.

“Excuse me but I was going to sit there,” I heard another say.

I looked up only to see John standing next to the seat his face filled with anger.

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