insert title here

What was he going to do?
Andrew was in a predicament. This was his first book, his first ever real publication, and he didn’t have a title. It’s not like he could go without one. He needed a title that was snappy, memorable, and intriguing. He needed people to want to read this book just because of the title.

100 awesome stories.
No, thats a bit too big headed.

100 crap stories.
No thats a bit too self deprecating.

He anguished over this, this was perhaps the most important aspect of the whole book. For days it was all he could think about, then the days turned into weeks, and then the weeks turned into months. And still he had no title, he didn’t want to rush into anything, but this was becoming ridiculous. He thought about going without a title, just having a symbol, if it worked for Prince then it can work for him. He was going slightly mad, then as he was staring at his computer, he looked at the title box,

Insert title here

That was it, the perfect title.
Now if he could only think of 100 stories.

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