On the trading floor

“Bill, did I tell you? Did I tell you? What, the ten years have tightened ten, twelve beeps and the fives have come in twenty. Do I know what what I’m doing?”

“It’s all technical. It didn’t tighten for the reasons you gave me last week. It’s just trading technically.”

“You know what that means? It means that everyone else thinks now what I thought last week. You’re a goddamn salesman. Get on the goddamn phone and sell my bonds, or at least let me buy some from your customers. Do I need to call the help desk and have them send up somebody to teach you how use the phone. Hold that black thing up to your face and talk. I’m telling you how to sell these bonds. If your customers need a story just repeat what I told you.”

“Tom, no one believes the fundamental story, they —”

“Don’t you dare say technical again or I will punch you. Whose your big fish? Minnesota Teachers Pension? Get them on the phone and I will tell them what dumb fucks they are if they don’t move out the curve and buy some spread product.”

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