A Decision I'd Rather Not Face

“Enigma, please give me the details of Earths current state” I say, still in awe.

“Earths current condition is deemed uninhabitable. No traces of life are on record. Current temperature is 129 degrees Fahrenheit. Average PH of the ocean water is currently 0.8. The PH of 0.8 matches that of battery acid. Atmosphere has a high concentration of toxic substances that will penetrate this ship. Would you like me to lock down hyper sleep chamber, and captains chamber?” Enigma responded quickly.

I thought on her words for a second. This Earth, no, this circular blob floating in space isn’t my home. It’s just another planet. What I’m about to travel in to will probably kill me. But the payoff if I find what I need could very well save myself.

“Lock hyper sleep chamber. Please prepare the V.H. suit.”

I decided it would be best if the others stay behind. Who knows how they would react.

“The hyper sleep chamber is now locked” Enigma responded, as the V.H. suit lowered from the ceiling.

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