Denial ; II

Slamming the door shut behind him, his emerald eyes immediately scanned the blank room. However, as his eyes adjusted to the dim light he saw it to be a much more familiar place. As he looked over his shoulder he could see the shadow drawing closer through the cracks in the door. Moving forward, he jumped into the dinosaur patterned bed he had slept in for so many years. Pulling the covers over his head, the man closed his eyes in fear. Perhaps the shadow would simply pass by and not touch the door he had gone through.

He could only hope so.

“This is a recurring dream then?” The voice of an older, wiser male pulled him out of the horrid depths of his mind.

In hearing those words, the young man’s eyes fluttered open. It was only then that he realized he hadn’t moved from the maroon chaise, and his hands were still neatly folded across his abdomen. Letting out a breath, his bright green orbs casually turned to look at the gray haired male. Just as before, he was scribbling down words on his notepad.


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