Denial ; III

Little did he know, such a dream corresponded perfectly with the arrival of his father when he was younger. Often times, the adult male would come home drunk and with a flaring temper, ready to unleash his wrath on anyone who came in sight. As a child he would hide under his blanket in an attempt to stay out of his father’s way; if he was lucky, the man wouldn’t come to his room.

“That must be an inner problem you’re having… a conflict with yourself. It must mean you’re too stressed with work, and the shadows reflect your insecurity about the time you haven’t been spending with your family.”

The male merely stared at him. “I guess you’re right,” he uttered, his tone quiet and thoughtful. Rather than doubting the words of the elder before him, he simply agreed. He may have subconsciously figured out the true reasons, but they weren’t enough to make him accept the truth.

It was must easier to deny such things, and keep suppressed memories just as they were,


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