Blind Date

She sat alone. The bar crowd was rough and in her modest dress, she clearly did not belong. She unintentionally made eye contact with an older man sitting across the room. He smiled at her and she smiled back. He had silver hair and lines around his eyes, as if he smiled often. There was something safe about him. He got up and walked over to her table.
“Hello dear, are you here to meet a man?”
She smiled up at him. “Yes, I’m waiting for a blind date.”
“I think you should come with me”. He gently brushed her bangs to the side .
“With you?”
“I’m going outside now. I’ll wait ten minutes.” With those words, he walked away.
She sat for a moment, stunned. To follow a strange man!
Before she could collect her thoughts a young man approached.
“Are you Kelly?”
She nodded.
“Sorry I’m so late, I went to the wrong bar. I’m Chris, your date.”
She just stared up at this attractive young man. He was wearing a suit and had a wide smile.
“Uh, nice to meet you Chris but I have to go. My ride is waiting”.

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