Plans on Paper

“But how do you know that. This isn’t a world where plans work like they do on paper Hannah,” my anger was starting to get a hold of me, yet her voice remained calm and emotionless.

“That’s why I cover all instances. I knew this dumpster would be here,” as she said this she knocked her knuckles of the metal dumpster the echoes seemed to expand in the alleyway and drown out my voice.

“You’re not blind Hannah, you know you can’t account for everything. What about people? You never REALLY know what they are going to think… or do!”

“Ok, I admit that this was a close one and I didn’t know they would actually chase us but it was still a success.”

“You know it’s not impossible for you to get caught you just won’t admit it, you’ve been to prison Hannah!” my voice grew louder until I saw her begin to look away, “what would it take to get it through your head that you aren’t invincible?”

“Just because I don’t show it doesn’t mean I don’t feel. Why do you think I’m so determined to do this.”

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