{Utopia} Mr. Gabriel

This boy and I have just met. It was late one night and my boyfriend had already been alseep for some time. I, however, was not tired. So I went on the ficly chat to see if any other person was awake to keep me entertained.

Mr. gabriel was there for me. We talked for hours about the most random of things. We found we had quite a few things in common. We already have a few insiders and a bond I hope not to lose.

On top of his amazing personality – you have to have one to deal with me in one of my ranting moods – he writes beautiful romance stories. Sure, he writes romance often, but that is simply because of his talent in doing so. I hope never to see him quit writing. His stories are one of the first thing I look for when I log into Ficly.

Gabe, you really are an amazing, beautiful person. I love your writing and your friendship.

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