Cold Snickers - Try Reading This Fast

He laughed to her “I love cold Snickers”. She was in mid smile when a passing woman slapped him and shouted “perv!”

“what?” he quipped. “You should not talk about a woman’s knickers” she answered. “huh” he quizzed. “gold knickers, you love gold knickers” she yelled. “I said cold Snickers, not cold knickers, Snickers, not knickers” he explained.

She volleyed “I am pretty sure you said gold knickers, did not hear Snickers, knickers it was knickers”

He drew breath and replied “no I said I love cold Snickers, nickers were never said, no nickers, just Snickers, no gold knickers just Snickers. talk of Snickers, knickers or gold knickers in front of these vicars is wrong”

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