You Make Me Smile

For the next few days I decided it would be best to stay away from Charlotte for a bit. After all, she was still paying her rent, so she was definetly alive, so I didn’t have to worry about her doing anything that bad.

But, just to be safe, I always listened in when I was at work. Her father was obviously a regular (or he wouldn’t have called my boss by his first name) so he was bound to return again to restock on his alcohol.

Speaking of which, I thought to myself one night when I finished dinner, I could probably use a restock too. At least I had a fresh pack of ciggies. That addiction is slightly more difficult to ignore.

With the pack and a lighter in tow, I stepped outside onto my balcony and lit one, inhaling the smoke, and leaned against the balcony’s railing.

About 3 cigarettes later I heard a familiar voice say, “You know those will kill you, right?”

I smiled, “Now Charlotte, you of all people should talk.”

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