{Utopies} Bartimaeus and Lone Writer

There was one person from Ficlets I clicked with immediately. No person has ever understood me as well as he did. He knew what everything meant. From the way I said hello to the way I sat in a chair to the tone of my voice. I couldn’t keep anything from you, not that I would ever want to. For the time being, however, God has decided you are not meant to be in my life, but I know some day you will return.

Ficlets had an inspiration tab. Feeling uninspired one day, I used the starting line. I didn’t feel that it was a very good story, but I got a comment on it. And then that author sequeled. That series lasted the entire time I was on Ficlets. The person I was writing with thanked me tremendously for saving her from her writers block. That fateful day led me to my vry good friend Lone Writer. She is awesome to write with and oh so fun to talk to. We have had somee really good heart to hearts. She is an amazing, beautiful person both inside and out.

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