Some Sense Of Security

It’s not that hard to learn to fight, at least not verbally. It doesn’t start with some physical montage, starting out weak and growing stronger, the truth is most of us start strong and over time we lose it. Sure, we expand our vocabulary, we sharpen our rhetoric but children are silver-tongued vipers for a reason; they never learned to hold back. A simple argument between two friends becomes soul crushing in an instant with a single decision. One person has to decide that they don’t care anymore.
And when that happens, it’s already over.
Every secret, every whispered word, every moment shared in confidence is laid bare for the world to see. They know your every insecurity, your deepest weaknesses and they have it in their arsenal, ready to use it the second they stop caring about your survival. She had me, she had me cold and she knew it, because I wasn’t at that point. I hadn’t stopped caring, I couldn’t. I didn’t know where her head was at. She did.
I stopped talking.
I stared into her eyes.
And I waited.

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