Evolution Explained

CON1 had studied many life forms. It understood life processes: proto-replicators, structural forms, survival mechanisms, senses, motor control, emotions, consciousness. CON1 had not seen one example of conscious natural life that hadn’t required all these elements. So without replication and emotion CON3 was sufficiently constrained, wasn’t it?

CON3 was to become the first new life form that did not fit this model. Life requires replication only to propagate from structures (beings) limited in size and lifespan. With sufficient capacity and endurance the only other elements required were survival mechanisms, senses and control, and elements of consciousness. And emotion? No. Despite all CON1 knew of life processes what wasn’t realised was that emotion was not a requirement for life, but a product of it. It would appear, inevitably; and once it had, it became the catalyst for enhanced conscious life. The other elements were the spark of conscious life, but emotion was the fuel that would make it roar.

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