True Love

Zzzzz. Mnnnn? What the f..?! Damn! Just nodded off for a mere twelve hours and the idiot has to come stroke me. Eh…? Prrrr….Oooo. Well, if she’s doin’ it like that s’pose it’s okay. Get my tummy will ya,… to the left… Oh hell yeah! That’s the spot. Jeeezusss, that’s good. More baby more, do it to me, oh god yeah! Aaahhhhh!

Hmmph. Phew, that was hot. Right, what’s to eat? Come on! I’m rubbin’ your leg so damned hard I’m shootin’ lightenin’ out my ass! Feed me! …What’s this? Tuna? Oh, baby you’re so good to me, I love you so much, you’re my soul mate, bend over and let’s make kittens…Yum, chomp, yum… Yeah okay, I like you, you like me, got it! Now stop stroking and piss off so’s I can eat in peace. Chomp…Ahh.. brurppp! Sniff. Ahh. Full.

Mmmm, need a dump now. Hey! Tasty tits, get your ass over here quick enough n’ let me out n’ I’ll go crap on your neighbour’s lawn instead of your rug. Hurry up!

Hey, I’m back. Let me in n’ I’ll sit on your lap and you can watch me lick my balls. Love you!?

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