On the trading floor 3

“So Minnesota Teachers wants to go out to dinner.”


“Bill Thomas came came by. Two of their portfolio guys are in town next week and he’s taking them out to dinner.”

“I can’t go.”

“Right. This morning you were going to lecture them, and now Bill’s buying your dinner and you don’t want to go.”

“Oh god. I know these guys. It’s probably Todd Binstock and his latest greasy haired minion. They are not going to want to talk business. They’re there for the dinner. They’ll do some bullshit trading next week after the dinner, but they’re not ready for my spiel. I know. Get Pavel to go. I’ll go if Pavel goes.”

“Pavel. Yeah that’s a good idea. Irritating Russian quant.”

“Yeah, did you ever hear him when he gets drunk and starts bad mouthing the United States. Its hysterical.”

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