On the Spider-King of Golmorth and that Land's Location

The Spider-King of Golmorth was feared far and wide, and rightly so. To put it bluntly, he was a real asshole.

Scholars often debate the exact location of Golmorth. The academics of St. Ponley’s University insist it is located far to the north of the Known World. The monks of the Secularly Divine Light in the Free Barony of Crunk ridicule such notions, insisting that Golmorth can be found to the east of the Known World.

An attempt create a compromise position, namely that the location of Golmorth was to the north-east of the Known World, surfaced at a recent conference about Golmorthian scholarship. The unfortunate Golmorthian enthusiast, for whom the study of the culture of Golmorth was only a hobby, that proposed this radical new idea did not survive the ensuing brouhaha and fisticuffs that his proposal provoked.

Both sides agreed that this was synchronicitous proof that the deceased hobbyist’s ideas held no merit.

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