#18 Tears

I was in some sort of storage compartment. The floor was littered with mattresses and various items of clothing, and against the walls women and girls cowered from the men that were holding me. A stern-looking woman took me from their rough hands to one of the mattresses and told me to sleep, but I couldn’t. I could rest and heal but my eyes just wouldn’t stay closed, so instead I sat with my arms wrapped around my legs and cast my eyes over the dank surroundings.

The women were all looking at me. Through an observation window on the far wall I could see a red room with cameras set up. I swallowed hard as I realised just what this place was. I couldn’t stay here.

Only the day before I had been laughing with my friends. Who would laugh here?

One girl, who could only have been about fourteen, was carried, kicking and screaming, to that room.

I could only curl up in a ball as recycled tears fell. In that moment, even in that room full of people, I never felt more alone.

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