3 days?

Tim silently cursed himself for being such an idiot.

“Hey Tim,” Cynthia said appearing next to his locker.

“Oh, uh, Hi Cynthia,” he replied, looking around for a possible escape route.

“So I got your note,” she giggled.

“Er…well…that note wasn’t exactly for you Cynthia.” Tim said.

“What, well who was it for then?”

“Stacey you see…” Tim continued, telling her the whole story.

“Oh that makes sense I’ll give her the note then.” Cynthia said trying to hide how hurt she was.

“Really? Well thanks for understanding Cynthia,” Tim said surprised but grateful.

“Yeah no problem.” Cynthia said walking away.

“Boys could be so stupid sometimes,” she mumbled to herself, “three days he has to get Stacey? Well I can make sure in those three days he falls for me instead.”

“Did you say something?” Martin asked.

“No I was just talking to myself.” Cynthia replied quickly running off to class.

“What a psycho,” Martin thought to himself.

And how right Martin was…

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