A Cold Love

The main engine was in flames. How this happened, who knows. All I know is I’m speeding towards a dead planet with no control over where the fuck I’m going.

“Enigma, how much time do I have?”

“Collision with ground will take place in 43 seconds unless course is averted.” Enigma said calmly. Sometimes even the smartest of computers doesn’t have a brain.

Rushing up to the main deck, I grabbed the throttle, and pulled up as hard as I could.

A useless attempt to save the 6 men aboard this ship.

“Collision with ground will take place in 25 seconds” Enigma alerted.

Enigma, lock captains deck. Now!

“Lock attempt fa-” Enigma was cut off, and went silent.

“Enigma?” I screamed.

The ground was insight.

“Enigma, answer me! I command you!”

My life would end alone. Not even a mere supercomputer by my side…

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