Ralph MacPherson (1900-1939) Cheese Tamer

Known as the cheese tamers’, cheese tamer. Born in Basingstoke to George and Mildred (nee Pickles) MacPherson who both insisted on only communicating in song. Ralph’s early years were blighted by pronounced pogonophobia, as a result of which, he spent most of his childhood hiding in the cupboard under the stairs of his home. Fortunately, the fashion for beards died out while he was in his teens, and he was able to emerge.

At the age of 20, Ralph, tired of adopting a deep baritone every time he asked his mother to pass the salt at meal times, ran away from home with a travelling cheese circus. Over the next 10 years, Ralph worked hard, and was eventually promoted to head cheese tamer, a perilous act which involved working with the most pungent cheeses. He performed before many heads of state in cheese-loving cities across the world. However, his life was cut short following a particularly nasty incident with a 3lb block of Gorgonzola.

Ralph MacPherson left a wife, Ricotta and two children, Brie and Edam.

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