Sweet Assassin

Once, a precious little girl was born into a different kind of family. They were the rough and tumble sort, expecting her not to cry. It took a couple months, but then she cried no more.
She learned to be an independent girl. Her mother and father were often gone, so she learned to cook. By the time she was three, she was taking care of the household duties. Her parents gave no indication of anything wrong with this unusual situation. So when they came to her at five and told her she was going to learn the family business, Cora thought it only natural.
For the next thirteen years she was taught the ins and outs. She often dreamed of the day she could earn her keep.
Finally, eighteen long years had passed and she was ready. She put on her coral and red flower dress, tied back her stringy brown hair, and loaded her gun. With her high, squeaky voice and beautiful brown eyes, no one would suspect a thing. She was going to be the best assassin the family had ever seen.

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