Everything had the same feel about it, people talking in third person trying to sounds first person, avoiding the obvious associations between themselves and the character they were writing about. Bunch of no talent ass clowns. Thank you office space, my verbal ownage will always be superior to whoever wishes to challenge me thanks to your witty writing; you do all the work, I get all the credit.
It has been some time since something new, unrefined, unadulterated, came out. Like an army of clone children the features of the stories were different but the roots were the same. I planned on changing that. Thanks Obama, you made me fight for something.
Ps, I failed. I tried to be legitimate but I realized I was simply like every other no talent ass clown hoping to make his mark on strangers though supposedly “writing for himself”. No one writes for themselves except when in journals, and I write for an audience in journals, my future self, so I think my past self wasnt such a loser. It works though, I was cool!

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