Drew's Offer

“You got guts indian trying to jump me.” Drew mutters

I say nothing.

The car’s zoom by oblivious to what is going on.

“God, I hate bridges.” I thought “Nothing ever good comes from them. They get you in more trouble than they prevent.”

“But I like that in you. You surely know of my reputation.” He said

I chuckled.

I had never heard of Drew. But I had seen him many times. The encounter with him was well planned.

“Let me just spit it out. I’m just arrogantly rambling now. I want to train you.” He spit out

I stopped walking; realizing the gun was no longer at my back.

I turned around.

To be greeted with a punch to the face.

“No one told you to turn around archer!” He shouted

I whipped out my combat knife instinctively.

The world seemed to be moving in slow motion.

Drew’s foot came like a flash towards my knife hand.

Knowing this move I lean back and meet his leg with my leg in mid-air.

Suspended in mid-air our legs hang forming an X.

Heel’s in front of each other’s faces.

“You in?” He says

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