16: Great Works of Literature

Rianne snatched another book from the shelves and added it to the heavy pile in her arms. A few more and the stack would reach her chin. Behind her, Charlie was struggling with her equally heavy load.

“Why did I agree to help you with this?” she asked.

“Because you’re a good friend,” Rianne said. “Can you believe I’ve never actually read ‘The Three Musketeers’?”

“At this point, yes. Can we take a break?” Charlie set her stack of books down for a moment and stretched out her arms. She had lost the feeling in her hands quite a while ago.

“Light weight,” Rianne said. She wandered along the rows of books, looking at them reverently, murmuring their names under her breath.

“Why do you need all these books?” Charlie asked.

“I’m doing one of those ‘hundred books to read before you die’ things. Here, check it out.” Rianne handed her a list.

“This is more like three hundred. Where are you getting the money for all these books?”

“Student loan,” Rianne said, adding another to her pile.

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