When Hollister and Hot Topic Met

“Get you ass out of bed and get ready for school!” Came the scream of momzilla pounding my door in. “I am up.” I yelled rolling off the side of my bed. I jumped up and headed into the shower, the heat made the hair on my neck stand. The radio was playing Cowboy Casanova as much as i hate country i actually liked this song. I started singing along while shampooing.

When i got out my long red hair was dripping down my back I grabbed my panties and black polka dotted bra and put them on, my lucky skinnies were hanging on the door handle. I grabbed them pulled them on and headed into my bedroom.
I stood at my closet for minutes deciding what shirt to wear. My brother barged in.
“Whoa! Sis haven’t you heard of a shirt?” He joked but his cheeks flushed pink. “KNOCK ASSHOLE!” I shoved him out of the room, “Twins” I rolled my eyes i turned to my desk and saw a black ‘Who’ shirt hanging off the chair. I grabbed it, threw it on and finished getting ready.

I ran down the stairs grabbed a piece of toast and left.

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