Love Makes the World go Around:

It seems so strange. Sitting with my back to a graffited wall with no money in my pockets, no shoes on my feet and definitely no food in my stomach, I can only wonder at the world.

Money makes the world go round? Really?

If that was true – I would be dead. But I’m not so it can’t be right. Can it?

“Are you all right, love?” A man is looking down at me with an expression of kindly concern on his aged face.
“I’m fine, thanks.” I nod. There’s a quiver in my voice that contradicts my words.
“Have you got a place to stay tonight?” he presses me for more details. “Have you got a home?”
I shake my head with awkward shame and the man tuts and then smiles.
“There’s a hostel I know…just down the road. You should get a place. They’ll give you a bed for the night and a good breakfast. They’ll look after you.”

I smile. I wonder why he did that as he walks away. I’ll probably never see him again. I’ve never seen him before. Why help a stranger?

Money? No! Love!

Love makes the world go round…

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