Love is a Strange and Beautiful Thing

It’s terrifying, really, how deep in love a person can fall so quickly. I swore it would never happen that way for me. I told myself that I would never get too invested in any one relationship until I grew up. I convinced myself that I would not date anyone until I was out on my own.

Of course, love doesn’t wait for circumstances to be ideal. Love just happens. Love will eat at your heart until you give into its power. Love didn’t wait for me. I feel into it as deeply and quickly as diving into a lake.

I don’t understand these feelings I have at times. I’m not sure if I ever will. I’m wondering if I will ever completely understand the male gender, or why I’m so attached to one particular person. My guess is that I’ll never know. Even if I live to be one hundred, the answers to these questions will still elude me.

I loved him then, I love him now, and I will continue to love him every day until I leave this earth, and maybe even longer than that. Love is a strange and beautiful thing.

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