A Dash of Salt

Onions always made him cry, but no matter. This would be his last meal so he was making it something exotic. The pot was large enough that three large onions may not be enough. He tasted the base and loved it. As far as final meals go, this would be one to remember.

Vegetables: Check

A cup of Old Bay. He had no idea what was in it, but damnit if it didn’t taste great on anything. A teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce for subtlety, it would make all the difference.

Herbs & spices: Check

He sharpened the knife his father had given him years and years ago. He wasn’t sure if his father had a hand in it, but the food always came out better when he used that knife. Holding the knife in one hand he put his hand into the broth and cut himself the smallest of pieces of meat. He winced. The broth was getting hot. But it was delicious.

Meat: Check

He would have to eat fast, but he knew it would be worth it. With a smile he dug the knife and fork deep into his leg and began cutting his first bite.

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