I've got a new job

“I’ve got a new job.” Pete announced
“Well done mate, where about?” replied Andy
“The Melbourne? That crappy little bar on Dee street? Why would you want to work there?”
“No, not The Melbourne Bar, Melbourne, Australia.”
This took Andy by surprise, Pete couldn’t move to Australia. Who would he go drinking with on a monday night? Who would handle all the sports questions in the pub quiz? Who would make him his christmas dinner?
They had been best mates for years. Andy had no family, so every christmas Pete invited him round to his flat and made christmas dinner, they got drunk and watched christmas day TV.
But how can they do that now?
Andy couldn’t process this, Pete couldn’t move to Australia. He just couldn’t! This isn’t fair!
He didn’t know what to say.
Then, after what seemed like hours in his head but what in reality was only a few seconds,
“Well done mate, that’s Awesome!”
He was gutted, but happy for his friend.
Then he had a thought,
“How much is a flight to Australia in December?”

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