The Ex...

It is the morning, Wednesday morning, and I’m at the bus stop.

I’m waiting for my friend, but he brings my Ex with him.

I’m ignoring him because he is an idiot.

We get on the bus and he keeps staring at me.

His stop, but he doesn’t get off,

I wonder why.

My stop, I get off, but so does he.

Now I’m worried.

Why? I keep thinking, why?

No answer.

I start walking to the traffic lights.

He follows.


Before I can stop it, he’s grabbed me and the knife is in my side.

He runs and I stagger towards school, clutching at the knife, feeling it twist with every stumbling step.

There’s noone around.

Where are all the teachers?

Upstairs, I must get upstairs, he’s there, I know it. He’s always there now.

I drag myself upwards, leaving a trail of blood.

Knock on the door and slide to the floor as it opens.

Him. The one I hate, the one I would never ask if I had a choice.

“Help” I plead.

He swears.

Then the world goes black.

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