Dream Fulfillment Part Four (bucket list)

His topless form lounged as close to me as he could get without actually touching me. We sat in the wet sand, letting the tide wash up around our ankles, and the sun bake our shoulders. I had refused to let him help with the sunscreen, and he was content to prove to me he could be a perfect gentleman.

“The only thing left is to swim with the dolphins, and go to a concert,” I mused.
“Well the dolphins are on the other side of the county, and what kind of concert?”

“Well, a real one, with a band I love, but you don’t listen to that music, so don’t worry about it.”
“No, I want you to do these things, to make you happy. If you want to do it, let’s do it. No regrets.”
That was my line. He was right, I should not put myself in a box. I should experience it all because the time was now.

He stood, reaching down to pull me up. “Let’s get dinner, then we can plan the rest of your magnificent vacation.”
I smiled and took his hand. It was the first time we touched. It was electric.

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