Dream Fulfillment Part Five (bucket list)

All through dinner we kept up the small talk, him sharing wild stories from the paths of life I dared not walk, and I sharing a few similar but rather tame stories of my own. We also talked of business, the big day tomorrow, and he even promised to book me a session to swim with the dolphins before I had to leave.

We took a walk after dinner, not really wanting the evening to end. And ended up back at the door to my suite.
“Can I stay with you?” he asked as if it weren’t layered with double meanings or difficult to ask.
“You don’t have anywhere to go do you?” I had hit the heart of the matter.
“I’m riding your coattails remember?” his eyes begged.
“You never learn.” I whisper.
“Come in.”

I sat on the edge of the bed. It felt good to get off my feet.
“So all this time, you’ve been sugarcoating life, hoping for handouts?” I corner him with my words.
“No! I am not a mooch!”
“You’re riding my coattails.”
“I love you.”
“I can’t take care of you!”
“You make me sad.”
“Listen, I’m just your friend.”

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