Dream Fulfillment Part Six (bucket list)

“I’m going to get a shower.” I left him to contemplate the situation. I was pretty nice letting him stay in this palace of a room, but I had to let him know he was sharing the space, not me.

There was something thrilling about forbidden love, but I was too straight an arrow to allow myself to indulge for even just one night. I scrubbed the sand angrily from places that I didn’t know it could reach. I half expected to hear him enter the bathroom, trying to sneak a peek at me under false pretenses of “we’re just friends, and besides I’ve seen it all before” but he didn’t. I guess he was still trying to be a gentleman.

When I left the bathroom, he was gone. I was rather shocked. I guess I had hurt him for the last time. He had to know that this was how it was though, so I didn’t feel entirely bad.

I crawled under the covers with the book I was reading. It was still early, about 8 o’clock. As I read the next chapter, the door opened.

“What are you doing in bed? We have a concert to attend!”

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