It's Out There

Only a soft and fuzzy wall stood between me and the monster. I couldn’t see it but it was out there, lurking among the wooden block buildings and toy cars, pillaging the miniature city. I bet it could smell my fear as it slid along the ground searching for me. How long would it take for it to find me? If I stay under here it will have me corned. But if I come out it will see me for sure, and then what.

My only chance was to make it across my room to the light switch. I peeked out from under the corner of my blanket and spied my goal. The distance between me and the switch spanned for miles across the landscape that was my bedroom floor. In the dark I couldn’t spot the monster but it was down there… somewhere.

While formulating my plan I could hear my bed faintly creaking, the same squeaking it makes when someone climbs into it for the night. The blackness was climbing up my bed post it found me and now it was coming to get me my blanket can only hold it off for so long.

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