Moving through the dark and quiet street, she suddenly felt as if she was being watched. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and a shiver went down her spine. Moving inconspicuously, she got closer to the windows to look at the reflection, hoping to spot the reason for her sudden fears.
As she shifted her head slightly, trying to not to appear obvious, she spotted him in the shadows. His clothing concealed any details about him but it was unmistakable. He was looking directly at her!
Ahead of her, she could see her destination, a busy intersection. If she could only make it the 30 yards, she could lose herself in the crowds that were sure to be found there.
She continued to walk up the street, in what she hoped wasn’t a panicked fashion. Looking back, she saw he was following her and she bolted recklessly ahead to safety.
As she reached the intersection and looked for a group of people to blend into, she saw him run passed her to embrace a woman.
So much for not being paranoid, she thought to herself!

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