Just a Light Switch Away

The monsters head slithered across the ocean of my bed spread leading its ships and fleets across the sheets to a new victim. The victim being me. It was now or never a if iI hesitate a moment longer, I’m a goner it has almost climbed to the edge of my blanket I can feel it weighing down on top of me.


I jumped down from my bed and ran my eye fixed on my goal past the closet door on the other side of the room by the dresser. Almost there, I was so close and I reached as far as I could. I could feel my finger tips brush the cool plastic of the light switch as I tumbled to the ground. There was no hope now; it had me by the ankle. I pulled and tugged but it had me and this time it wasn’t letting its dinner go. I stretched out my arm reaching up to the elusive light switch but it was no use its spindles had me held fast wrapping tighter around my leg climbing slowly up ward torturing my nerves.

I looked up to the ceiling praying to be saved. Only a miracle could get me out of this.

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