Super Boy versus Monster of the Closet

I didn’t know whether to give in or keep struggling. My eyes darted around the room until I spotted my Superman poster hanging on my ceiling looking down at me. I remember begging Mom for weeks to hang it there. He was always just Clark Kent but when he put his cape on the turn into superman and nothing could hurt him not even the monsters and villains that inhabited his city.

That’s it that’s how I’ll make my escape mindlessly I reached for my blanket and fastened it around my neck. I focused my strength and with one hard tug my foot came free. I stood looked it strait in the eye facing it for the first time, its eyes shining in the dark. No more of this running and just hoping for dawn to come. I dove at the beast. Its fingers wrapped around my body but I tore away from their grip. On the floor we wrestled knocking up against the bed and dresser. I guess we made quite the noise because I didn’t even hear my mom come in.

“What are you doing!” she said, “You were supposed to be sleeping,” she yawned.

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