Right Beside You

If I had to, I would put myself right beside you

Amber knew she’d never forgive herself for leaving him behind, but alone she stood no chance against the soldiers. He told her to leave him, and even smiled when she left, smiled! Did he really think she wouldn’t be coming back for him?
The militia held little love for Harold, in fact they actively hated his entire family. She sprinted the last ten feet to the outskirts of town, leaping a small bush and crashing clumsily to the road. A small child screamed and clutched his mother’s hand.

Let me ask, would you like that?

Her lungs were burning, muscles aching, but her mind couldn’t shake the thought of Harold, sitting in the woods, bleeding from the leg, waiting for the soldiers to find him. Her mind couldn’t shake the gunfire. She’d never been shot at before. No, he was alive, he had to be.

Desperate I will crawl..

She arrived at the door and began knocking fiercely. Where the hell was he?

Die for anyone


What have I become?


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