Prague was ground zero. No one expected this kind of thing to come out of the Czech Republic, but there you have it. In their defense, it was Americans doing the research. The disease spread faster than anything we’d ever seen before. Most of Europe was overrun within three months, and it started making its way into Africa and Asia. The only thing that protected us was the ocean.

It was soon obvious that the movies had it all wrong. Of course, up to now it had been fiction. Reality was, as is often the case, much different. The zombies weren’t slow, but they weren’t 28 Days Later fast either. The virus didn’t seem to affect much in the way of physiology; it just awakened an insatiable hunger for human flesh. The scariest thing was that they were smart. Very smart.

We closed our borders, but we could see that it was only a matter of time. That’s when we started building Deliverance, throwing everything we had at this last-ditch shot at survival. We never expected the horde would follow us into space.

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