The Fourth Inning

Buckeye had another incident with the Brewers that was a lot less flattering. It seems Buckeye tried to field a bunt, but tripped and landed flat, face down in the warm brown dirt. The big man was so rotund that two infielders had to help him up. He had been stuck there; his belly the center of a tetter-totter. When one hand was touching earth the digets of the other could reach nothing but blue sky and wisps of cloud.

It is not hard to imagine the embarrassed and slightly hurt Buckeye floundering around on his belly. It is not hard to imagine because everyone can relate to being embarrassed. Everyone has had a moment of sheer idiocy. A moment when getting to our feet again seemed impossible. A moment when you could not seem to get up or get balanced.

In those moments, when we feel like a fool, it’s nice to know that God is watching whether you’re a major leaguer or a pony leaguer. And he is not keep score, not vigorous scribbling stats, but just loving you, the same way he loves watching baseball.

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