Born in autumn 1537
Daughter of Marquess of Dorset and Francis Brandon
Related to royalty through mother’s ties
Intelligent and pious this girl you did find

Rejected as the girl that they didn’t want,
Expected to be something she was not
In Katherine’s Parr’s household she did find
The strength and security to speak her mind

In the dear Queen’s house her views did change
A devout Protestant she did make
Princess Elizabeth shared her views in that place
Cousins by nature and similar in face

When Lizzie did leave the Queen had a child
A daughter called Mary, so gentle and mild
But childbed fever took Katherine away
And Jane was called home and there she would stay

A marriage to traitors her parents arranged
Jane herself thought that they were deranged
To Guildford Dudley she was unwillingly wed
Who didn’t understand what went on in her head

When Edward VI unfortunately died
Uncovered was a plan her family had demised
A plot to name her the rightful heir
To place the crown upon her red hair

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