“Bring me a box or two,” barked Mr. Rafferty over the intercom, his voice thick. Ava had just finished canceling all of his appointments. She called the mail room, requesting boxes and said she would personally retrieve them.

In the elevator she read over Rafferty’s personal emails, intercepting one from Ismerelda.
Ram’s Head, corner booth, 7PM and attached was a picture of his grown daughter getting into a car on her college campus.

Oscar and Zoe have a play date texted Ava as the elevator doors opened on the noisy, brown mail room.

“Your boxes, Miss.” A man tipped his hat, throwing off a coat of cardboard dust.
“Are there any packages for ‘Baby Bear’?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am! Didn’t know what to do with that, no return address, so glad to get it to you.”
“My darling husband, such a crazy romantic!” Ava let out a fake laugh of adoration.
“I see why you wanted to retrieve this personally.” The mail clerk gave her a knowing wink.

Baby Bear has the porridge she texted on her way back up.

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